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The Amazing Second Life Race


Following is my “amazing race” through Second Life designed for two main purposes:

1) To help new users in my Digital Literacies class practice using the SL interface

2) To help introduce these educators to what is possible in Second Life for educational purposes.

Workshop participants will practice the following Second Life skills:

  • moving, walking, flying
  • using the camera
  • teleporting
  • sitting on pose balls
  • using maps
  • taking snapshots
  • using the Search
  • looking at profiles
  • transferring objects
  • unpacking boxes
  • writing a notecard
  • buying an outfit
  • dressing and undressing

Some locations in the “race” will contain marked clue boxes using the image above. Participants will need to use both the instructions on this blog and the in-world clues to successfully advance through the race.

Each participant will be given L$300 for the race. This will be used to take in-world snapshots and to purchase clothing. Participants have already explored the NMC Orientation Island before commencing the race.


We are starting off at the NMC on Arts and Letters. Participants should ensure they are a member of the Second Life group called Digital Culture, and that this location is set as HOME.

sculpture.jpg1. Find the sculpture that is shown in the image on the left. On a notecard, write the name of the sculpture and the name of the artist.

whisperbox-at-nmc-campus.jpg 2. Walk through the whisperbox and add a line of text to this 21st century folk song. On your notecard, write the line of text you added.

tp.jpg3. Locate the teleportation device. Use it to teleport to the coffee shop in the clouds. Once there, find and click the marked clue box for your next landmark.

race2.jpg4. Once you are at your new location, take a photograph of yourself playing an instrument in the drum circle. Note: the drum circle *is* located on this island - you will need to fly around a little to find it. When you have taken your photo, drop it onto your notecard and then click the marked box for your next clue.

hell.jpg5. You are in Hell! Although labelled a “race”, take your time exploring this place carefully as it is one of the most interesting and well devised literary experiences in Second Life. When you get to Circle 9: Lecture Notes, open the notecard, and think about the very last question. Record your answer to that question on your own notecard, and then proceed.

jokaydia.jpg6. Now head to Edusquare in Jokaydia. Once there, work with a partner and select THREE of the educational locations featured in the square. Explore each of them and discuss the educational potential of each. Record on your notecard three of the most interesting aspects of your overall experiences in these locations. Then you may click the clue box for your next location.

7. Once you have teleported to the next location, locate the sign which says Mata Hari Puzzle. Read about the Mata Hari puzzle here and then here. Locate the box called “memorabilia” and copy it to your inventory. Rez the box and open it, then load all the contents to your inventory. These are the clues for finding the ring. Although this is not really a quest for the newbie, hunt for the first item of jewelry, which is the ring. Once you have the ring, wear it, and find the marked clue box for your next race location.

race3.jpg8. When at your next location, click the tour post to take the guided tour of the island. Once you have completed the tour, return to the central room on the footbridge and locate the reading matter there. Locate the book called Hippobookamus. Edit the book to find out the owner of the book. Open up the owner’s profile and then click on his/her “Picks”. Open the pick called “Tonari Ku”, and then click to teleport there.

laundry.jpg9. Explore this anime / Japanese themed island. This is where we are going shopping! Find the Laundry Brand shop and purchase a new set of clothing for your avatar (note: you have a limit of Linden$250 to spend!). Once you have your new outfit, teleport home and find a discrete location to change your outfit. Take a photograph of yourself in your new outfit and drop that onto your notecard.

10. Your final challenge is to transfer your notecard to me, Anya Ixchel. The first person to give me their completed notecard with evidence of all tasks completed will win L$1000!!

*Note: This prize is only for participants of my Digital Literacies class :)

Thanks are extended to the following people:

- The New Media Consortium, in particular Larry Johnson, for providing constant support and space for my students to work in

- Jo Kay of Jokaydia, for allowing me to place clue boxes in her educational sim

- Tayzia Abbatoir, for allowing me to place a clue box at the museum

- Random Calliope, the Svarga team, the Nakama team, and the Dante’s Inferno team for their amazing and inspiring work which inform educators as to the potential of SL for learning in a variety of ways.


There are some amazing resources for educators in Second Life! here are my three favourites to start your own explorations:

  1. Educational Uses of Second Life - this wiki developed by Jo Kay and Sean Fitzgerald is one of the best overviews of education in SL I have ever seen.
  2. Here are over 200 slideshows on different aspects of living and learning in Second Life.
  3. The New Media Consortium is the largest educational presence in Second Life. Their blog documents all of their events and links to what’s happening across their mini continent! It is definitely worth subscribing to.

Here is a great machinima from the NMC which explains the innovative potential of virtual worlds:

Here is a wonderful overview of SL by iAlja:

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