Angela A Thomas

Digital Fiction

Digital Fiction Workshop

In the first part of the workshop we’ll explore and discuss a range of examples of digital fiction, and in the second part of the workshop we’ll evaluate one example of Digital Fiction and its pedagogical teaching resource.

Part 1:

Explore some of the digital fiction examples from the links below as highlighted in the slideshow. Choose one that interests you to respond to the following questions:

  1. How are you positioned as a reader/writer?
  2. What affordances are represented in the text?
  3. What attributes are similar to “old” forms of literacies, and what might be considered “new”? Add to the whiteboard

Part 2:

Exploring Inanimate Alice

  1. Read through the three episodes.
  2. Discuss the accompanying pedagogical resource with one of your colleagues. In what ways might you incorporate the text into your own teaching, and which elements of the pedagogy resource could you adapt for your particular context? Lets share!

Part 3:

Check out Alan Levine’s 50 Ways to Tell a Story 

Digital Fiction & New Forms of Narrative

Some of my favourite examples of new forms of narrative and the people that theorise about them.

Webisodics and Filmic Fiction:


  • Webisodic: The Strand: Venice CA
  • Wolfert’s Roost
  • Bluedaniel Studios

Digital and Interactive Fiction:


  • The Virtual Disappearance of Miriam
  • These Wave of Girls
  • Online/Offline
  • The Adventures of Josie True
  • Spywatch
  • Donnie Darko
  • (Understanding Donnie Darko)

Distributed Narratives:


  • Email: Daughters of Freya
  • Email: Suzanne
  • Email/IM: Intimacies
  • Web: Online Caroline
  • Web: Planet Jemma
  • Web: PS Trixi


  • a show of hands

Alternate Reality Games:


  • Alternative Reality Game: Greg’s Life
  • (Link to the history of ARGs at the Unfiction site here)
  • Sarah-Jessica Parker’s The Case of the Coveted Bottle

Blog Fiction:


  • Confessions of a Blogger
  • Blovel: Glass House
  • Sparrow’s Fart
  • Transplanted Life
  • She’s a Flight Risk
  • Eyes of Laura
  • Dynamic Comic: Grafik Dynamo
  • Serial Fiction: Entia
  • All things Entia
  • Edith: A Love Story
  • Blog Story
  • A Pencilled Reality

Kids on the Net Interactive Fiction:


  • Dragonsville
  • Adventure Island
  • The Village

Interactive Role-playing Forums:


  • Gathering of the Elves
  • Middle Earth Insanity
  • Middle Earth Palace
  • Harry Potter Universe

Flickr Fiction:


  • Caleb’s Flat Stanley Project and its related fictional blog. (Click here for an explanation of how it worked in the classroom)
  • Tell a story in 5 frames

Mobile Phone Fiction:


  • Girl Friday
  • Forget the Rules
  • Random Place



  • NaNoWriMo Home
  • Jandalf’s nanowrimo novel, blogged
  • Tiana’s nanowrimo novel and commentary, blogged

Video Fiction:

  • Sam Has 7 Friends
  • Lonelygirl15
  • Forget the Rules
  • GooTube Conspiracy

Wiki Novel:

  • A Million Penguins

Twitter Fiction:

  • Twittories 1: The Darkness Inside
  • Twitter microfiction: Twitterific

Facebook Fiction:

  • Why Some Dolls Are Bad


  • various examples here

SMS poetry / fiction:

  • txt2nite

Other Microfiction:

  • 6 words: Al Upton’s class of mini legends

FYI: Links to Digital Fiction Theory:


  • trAce Online Writing Centre
  • Networked Performance
  • Renga in Blue
  • Writer Response Theory

Links and Lists:


  • Digital Fiction
  • IF Bibliography
  • Jill’s Links to Email Narratives
  • Blog Fic
  • Fiction Blogs
  • Blovels