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Machinima promoted as potential Oscar nominee

Back in March I blogged about My Second Life, a documentary-fiction style machinima. Episode 1 was quite interesting - some gorgeous visuals, nice editing, and quite good writing though a little cliched. I only mentioned it in passing at the time - I thought it was fun but …
HBO just paid a 6 [...]

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The Simpsons and my “Today Tonight” Interview

Hey, I was on Australian television again! Did anybody see me on the current affairs program called Today Tonight? I think the show aired while I was away in the States. This time I was talking about “The Simpsons”, media and pop culture, and fan fiction. Below is a cleaned up [...]

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Australian Musicians in Second Life; Broadcast Live on Virtual TV Channel

Thanks to Christy, I was alerted to the launch of a Second Life virtual television channel, Second Life Cable Network. This network is streaming live events from inside Second Life, and todays big event was a special Australian “hoe-down” featuring a number of Australian bands performing live. I watched for a few minutes [...]

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