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I Left My Heart in San Francisco

June 19th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Tony Bennet and these images say it better than me!

Am home now, and have just woken up after 16 hours (!!!) of sleep - I was totally exhausted and barely slept for more than 4 hours a night over the past two and a bit weeks. The NMC conference was fantastic, the ECAR panel session went well although I was pretty run down by that stage from all the flying and lack of sleep and I barely made it through my section coherently (note to self: presenting at one conference per overseas trip might be all I can manage in future).

It was wonderful to meet so many people I had only known in Second Life previously (Larry, Heidi, Nick, Alan), and to catch up with a lovely colleague/friend I hadn’t seen for two years (Barbara). I also met the lovely Joanna, the wonderful Lyr Lobo (who has already invited me to a SL Renaissance-style party in SL!), Reuben, Craig, Intellagirl (who sat next to me on a SL panel and answered hundreds of questions so eloquently), and best of all, I met the FAMOUS Second Life artist, Stella Costello whose art work I have admired since starting in SL!!!! I met a whole lot of other new people (some who are coming out to Australia so I will see again soon!) and saw a lot of other famed SL personalities in the distance (but was too shy to intrude and say hello). I’ve forgotten everybody’s names - but I hope I will get more opportunities to speak to people in Second Life that said hello to me in passing at both conferences!

But the best part of my trip by far came at the very end when all the work had finished and I had a few days of R&R in San Francisco before flying back to Sydney. What a magical, gorgeous, fun and exciting city San Francisco is!!!! Plus I had *the* most amazing tour guide ever (my favourite mysterious blog commenter) who took me to absolutely every corner of the city and beyond (thank you DDD, in fact I really cannot thank you enough!!!!!).

I so totally fell in love with San Francisco - I didn’t think any city would rival Paris as my favourite, but SF would at least be on par if not better!!! I adored it!!

So, I am definitely planning to travel via SF to any other conference I ever go to in the US in future. And here are my tips for travelling and getting around in SF to remind me for next time - I’ll put this under the fold so as not to bore anybody! (more…)

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