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Sex and the City Movie: filming, spoilers, and the extratextual conversations

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been logging in every day to my favourite gossip blogs to catch up on what’s happening with the filming of the movie Sex and the City. I’ll put the rest of this post under the fold, but beware, all the major spoilers buzzing around the blogosphere are there!

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The Simpsons and my “Today Tonight” Interview

Hey, I was on Australian television again! Did anybody see me on the current affairs program called Today Tonight? I think the show aired while I was away in the States. This time I was talking about “The Simpsons”, media and pop culture, and fan fiction. Below is a cleaned up version, more or less, [...]

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Youth Online – almost there!

Yay! Here is my final book cover!!! And here is one of the endorsements: How lovely of Len Unsworth to write such kind words.

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Christy Dena on Multi-Platform Art versus Commodity Intertexts

I was fortunate enough to listen to Christy Dena today presenting a truly stimulating lecture on Multi-Platform Art versus Commodity Intertexts.  Her point of departure was a quote from Henry Jenkins about transmedia storytelling, which she interrogated by tracing the history of cross-media art forms, from pre-internet media such as Twin Peaks to new forms [...]

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TV Series in SL

The TV show The Tudors is airing some of its episodes in Second Life!  Here are the details: Showtime and the Alliance Second Life Library are pleased to announce that episodes one and two of the new series “The Tudors” will be shown on Second Life Library Renaissance Island. “The Tudors” provides a new spin [...]

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