From Moleskin to Sim

From Moleskin to Sim

Now that the new sims are here, I’ve been working with Larry and co at the NMC to map out my part of the space. I sent the build team a detailed 20 page brief for one section (the literary role-playing area) and a 10 page brief for another section (the central University meeting point and gathering area)! Phew!

Yesterday I drew a rough map of the literary space into my moleskin and today I woke up to see it had been converted into a giant prim to map out the land! It was completely surreal to walk around in my own drawing. You might be able to tell from the drawing that my mapping and drawing skills leave a bit to be desired – Larry asked me what the cute little deer was and I had to explain that it was Cerberus, the vicious hound from hell!! Pffft ;)

University of Sydney in Second Life

University of Sydney in Second Life

I’ve been in Second Life a while now, and have been teaching classes there since 2006. My first classes were taught on a little plot of land that I bought myself on a mainland island called Matisse. Next I was given “visiting scholar status” at the Teachers College -University of Columbia sim thanks to Professor Charles Kinzer and I taught for one semester there. For the past two years the New Media Consortium gave the University of Sydney a sponsored plot of land for teaching, thanks to the generosity of CEO Dr Larry Johnson. Finally, in February the University decided to fund some land and yesterday the land arrived! Here’s one of the empty islands, all ready for a very exciting development. Stay tuned :)


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