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Mystery Solved!

Yes, I am going to the US in June and although I am there for work, I will be travelling via San Francisco where I hope to have a bit of down time to relax a bit! Yay!! And whilst there, I will of course (being the chocoholic that I am) be dropping in to [...]

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Mystery Clue #3

Here is clue number three in my mystery location quiz!  I’ll be going to a particular building and will be able to see this fountain from its steps. Here was the first clue, and here was the second. Any more ideas? Don’t forget, the correct guess gets a prize sent to you personally!!!

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Mystery Clue #2

Last week I told you that I was travelling to a mystery location later this year and offered a prize to anybody who could guess the precise location.  I gave you mystery clue 1 … and now here is mystery clue 2.  I haven’t had many guesses yet – and I KNOW I have at [...]

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Angela’s Mystery Quiz; Clue #1

Later this year I am going to several locations, one of which is a mystery!!!!  So from now and each week until the time somebody guesses, I am going to share hints in the way of images for people to guess where the mystery location is.  The winner will get a prize from that location [...]

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