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Australian Politicians Catching Up to the YouTube Campaigning Practices of their US Counterparts

July 18th, 2007 · 1 Comment

“John Howard pops up in cyberspace to prove that he has caught up the the 21st century” explains some news reporter on the News today.

Malcom Turnbull has a Facebook site and his friends seem to love this photo he posted:

Meanwhile Peter Garret from the Labour party argued back against the PM’s climate change policy with this:

and the party called him out with this:

I think we’re all waiting to see this though - when are our politicians going to really become twisted, repurposed, and memed all over the internet?

As said on one news report this evening, “we’ve got a long way to go if we want to use the same political tactics as the Americans!” - the Obama Girls:

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Thinking Blogger Award Meme

April 29th, 2007 · 3 Comments

How exciting! This is the first meme I have ever been officially tagged withand it’s the thinking blogger award! Many many thanks to Jerry for tagging me - Jerry’s work has been an inspiration to me since way back in 1995. I’d announced on my website that I was thinking about doing a PhD but at that stage the area of virtual worlds and identity was very under researched and I was fumbling around wondering how to go about it. Jerry emailed me and encouraged me and gave me links and references and although it still took me a while to get started, this was the very beginning for me.

So, here are 5 bloggers (or blogger groups) that make me think:

  1. Henry Jenkins: Thoughts of an Aca-Fan. Henry Jenkins, is addition to being one of the most prolific bloggers I read, writes on all of my favourite subjects: fan fiction, pop culture, new media literacies, youtube, gaming, virtual worlds. He is an inspiration and barely a paper goes by without a mention of his work.
  2. Terra Nova: the group blog that write about all aspects of virtual worlds. This group is made up of some of the most well known VR researchers (though they don’t have many females) and their work is sometimes controversial, mostly academic in nature and always thought provoking.
  3. Jill Walker: jill/txt. Jill Walker’s work on digital fiction, blogging and new narratives really expanded my own thoughts and scholarship in these areas.
  4. Julia Davies: DrJoolz Snapshotz on Life. Julia has amazing insight into new literacies practices and a real flair for the visual and aesthetics of new media.
  5. Jess Laceti: Jess. Jess is doing some really cutting edge work with multimodal new media narratives and I love the enthusiasm she conveys about her work.

Well, that was fun!  I am going to locate the award banner on my sidebar now.

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