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Sex and the City: movie trailer

I’m still keeping track of the cross-media marketing and extra-textual conversations surrounding Sex and the City – but here’s the official poster and teaser trailer. To keep up with the marketing and conversations (debates, arguments, gossip etc…) there’s an official blog now -

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CSI: NY in SL – more teasers

Actually I saw this teaser before the other one I blogged a couple of days ago, but here is a really interesting interview with the producer, Anthony E Zuiker.

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Choose Your Own Adventure on Facebook

Following a lead from Writer Response Theory, I started reading Sugarcane, a “choose your own adventure” application on facebook.  At first glance it looks a bit tiresome, with pretty closed choices to click on to follow one of several pre-planned paths.  But on closer reading, it actually includes options for editing the story and adding [...]

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Sex, Hiccups, and the Spoiler’s Imaginations

Spoilers ahead

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Sex and the City Movie: filming, spoilers, and the extratextual conversations

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been logging in every day to my favourite gossip blogs to catch up on what’s happening with the filming of the movie Sex and the City. I’ll put the rest of this post under the fold, but beware, all the major spoilers buzzing around the blogosphere are there!

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