ARC Project: 3D Multimedia Authoring Design and Pedagogy

This page will outline details and updates related to the ARC grant I am working on.


  • Unsworth, L., Thomas, A. Chandler, P and O’Brien, A. (in preparation). Digital Animated Movie Authoring Pedagogy: New and traditional literacies in the middle years of schooling. (Publisher TBA)
  • Unsworth, L. and Thomas, A. (Eds.) (in preparation). English Teaching and New Literacies Pedagogy: Interpreting and authoring digital multimedia in the classroom. Peter Lang: New York.
  • Thomas, A. (in preparation). Points of Difference: Humour, Pathos and Irony in Children’s Multimodal Texts. In: Djonov, E. and Zhao, S. (Eds.) Critical Multimodal Studies of Popular Culture. Routledge.
  • Thomas, A. Chandler, P., Unsworth, L. and Phan, H. (in preparation). “I absolutely wanted to inform the audience that this was a romance”:  Gendered multimodal authoring practices and perceptions of children. In: Guzzetti, B. and Bean, T. (Eds.) Gender and Literacy. Routledge.
  • Thomas, A. (2011). Children’s Writing Goes 3D: A case study of one school’s journey into multimodal authoring. Learning, Media and Technology. EJ ISSN 1743-9884
  • Thomas, A. (2011). Developing a transformative digital literacies pedagogy. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy. 6 (1-2) pp. 89-101.

Grant Announcement:

LP0883563 Prof L Unsworth; Dr AA Thomas; Mr P Maggs

Teaching effective 3D authoring in the middle school years: Multimedia grammatical design and multimedia authoring pedagogy.

2008 : $  32,500

2009 : $  65,000

2010 : $  65,000

2011 : $  32,500


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Australian Children’s Television Foundation

Administering Organisation The University of New England

Project Summary

This project addresses the National Research Priorities goal ‘promoting an innovative culture and economy’. It provides radical rethinking of literacy pedagogy essential in globalised knowledgebased economies mediated by digital multimedia literacies. 3D multimedia authoring pedagogy, emphasizing playful innovation and explicit knowledge of multimedia design, will increase digitalage student engagement in learning.  The Australian Children’s Television Foundations’ Kahootz is uniquely effective, highly motivating authoring software for schools.  What is needed is a thoroughly researched multimedia authoring pedagogy to fully realise Australian leadership potential in renovating literacy pedagogy for the digital multimedia age.

Grant Process

I wrote a post here about the process we underwent during preparation of the grant.

Publications and presentations building up to the grant application:

  • Thomas, A. (2008). Machinima: Composing 3D Multimedia Narratives. In: Unsworth, L. [Ed]. New Literacies and the English Curriculum: Multimodal Perspectives. London, Continuum.
  • Thomas, A. (2007). The Transforming Potential of New Technologies in Middle Years Literacy. For: Middle Years Literacy Project Symposium. Melbourne, November 2007.
  • Thomas, A. (2007). Machinima as Multimodal Digital Storytelling. For: Language in Education Seminar Series. Sydney. April, 2007.
  • Thomas, A. (2006). The Machinima Explosion and its Transforming Potential for Innovation in Literacy Education with Frontier Technologies. For: Australian Systemic Linguistics Conference. Armidale. September, 2006.
  • Unsworth, L. and Thomas, A. (2006). Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Effects of Television and Multimedia on Education in Victoria. Unpublished report.

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