2011 – 2012  University of Tasmania Research Enhancement Grant – $45,000

Project: Interreality Fictions: Augmented reality and new dimensions of experience with literature and multimodal authoring: mobile technology, new media and literary creativity in English teaching. 

Co-recipient of grant with Dr Winyu Chinthammit from the Human Interface with Technology Lab (HITLab Australia), Faculty of Computing and Information Systems

2011   UTAS component of the National consortium of the Deans of Education Teaching Teachers for the Future grant – $50,000

Project: Multiliteracies

My small project within this broad nationally funded project was to investigate how best to incorporate technology in the teaching of English

2010 – 2012  Education Faculty Teaching Enhancement- $10,000

Project: English Teaching Video Development

This project involves the production of videos of children and teachers working in the English area in classrooms, to provide rich media for online teaching.

2009  University of Sydney TIES grant – $52,000

Project: Innovative teaching in virtual worlds

I was co-recipient of a large teaching improvement grant exploring cross-faculty linkages to teaching in a virtual world

2008 – 2012  ARC Linkage Grant – $200,000 (approx)

Project: Teaching effective 3D authoring in the middle school years: Multimedia grammatical design and multimedia authoring pedagogy.

I am joint Chief Investigator on an ARC Linkage grant with Professor Len Unsworth from the University of New England and with linkage partner, The Australian Children’s Television Foundation.

2008 – 2009           Literature Board, Australian Council for the Arts – $40,000 + $40,000 in kind from the New Media Consortium

Project: What if? Virtual Shakespeare

I was co-recipient of this grant which developed a Second Life treatment of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

2004                University of Sydney Internal Research Funding: $1,500

Project: ELLIE on the Palace: Creating narratives in virtual communities

2003                University of Sydney Internal Research Funding: $2000

Project:  ELLIE (Electronic Literature and Literacies in International Education)

2003  University of Sydney SESQUI small ARC grant: $10,500

Project: Children and Electronic Games

2002                University of Sydney Teaching Improvement Fund grant: $15,000

Project: ELLIE:  Electronic Literature and Literacies in International Education     

2001  University of Sydney Internal Research Funding: $1500

Project:  Visual Images in Basic Skills Tests

3 Responses

  1. Hi Angela,

    I’m sorry to contact you so informally but I was unable to find your email address on the CoCo website. I’m sure you are in transition to the University of Tasmania and you are probably very busy. I have just enrolled in the Masters of Learning Science and Technology (Research Stream) at Sydney University and I am endeavouring to produce a research topic. I have a BA Sociology, experience with web design and computer programming, as well as teaching Multimedia at High School in Victoria.

    I have an interest in Literature and am leaning towards interactive fiction as a research area, with the possibility of producing a piece of interactive fiction or a tool that allows students to produce interactive fiction as a rich learning experience. I’m just not sure how I’d fit this in with a dissertation and if it is even a worthwhile topic!

    I would be very grateful for your input and expertise in this area and look forward to your response.

    Paul Sijpkes

  2. Hello Paul,
    I hope you receive this message, a month after you posted it! I have indeed been busy and without internet for a while during my transition to UTAS. Your topic sounds absolutely wonderful and definitely worthwhile. Feel free to email me at angelaathomas at gmail . com if you’re still working on how to narrow it down, or if you’d like a chat.

  3. Anya,

    I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was having a blast from the past yesterday. You interviewed me for your book Youth Online: Identity and Literacy in the Digital Age. And old friend (you’d remember him as “Shadow” ) and I were talking about our pasts and we found the book and the excerpts you wrote about our online identities. I wanted to catch up with you, it certainly has been awhile! (I’m 20 now ;) )

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Best regards,

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