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Angela Thomas: Liminal Agent

These past few days I have had various meetings with colleagues interested in blogging, social media, and Second Life. Somehow the word must have trickled through the system to others that I am using social media for various purposes, and people are interested. It’s really affirming for me to talk with them and to have [...]

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Ada Lovelace: Enchantress of Numbers

Today is Ada Lovelace day! Ada Lovelace was a 19th century British writer and mathematician who is considered the first ever programmer and the founder of modern computing. Her friend and colleague Charles Babbage called her “The Enchantress of Numbers”. This year is the first year of what is hoped to be an annual celebration [...]

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“Don’t you Twitterstand?”

This satirical look at twitter made me laugh. I am now 2 years into twitter and (like other social media use) I have my phases of being very active and not so active. But twitter has grown by over 2000% in the past year, thanks to all the celebrities who have [...]

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New Grant!

Last month I learned that an application for funding for a research project I proposed was successful!  It is a grant of $52,000 from the University of Sydney and the project title is: Innovative Pedagogy in Virtual Worlds.
I am working with colleagues from a number of other faculties on the project – medicine, pharmacy, engineering [...]

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Virtual Macbeth participates in World Storytelling Day

Virtual Macbeth is going to be participating in the Virtual Worlds Story Project, a project running in Second Life as part of the celebrations of World Storytelling Day!
In details sent to me by the organisers, “The Story Quest brings writers from around the globe to participate in a fun-filled and challenging story writing exercise to [...]

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Fragile: Contains Hope

Yesterday I was so happy to find this box in my mailbox!!!  This is a Priority Box, a box made by Franck de Las Mercedes, an artist from the US.  The priority boxes are a global interactive art / peace movement – they are meant to provoke thought and discussion, the message is the box [...]

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NMC Podcast: “Conversation 10″

NMC Conversation 10
Here is a podcast I did with the NMC Executive team as part of their conversation series. Its mainly about Virtual Macbeth, but also education is Second Life in general.  It goes for about 30 minutes. Enjoy!
Original Link:  here.

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Book Review for Youth Online

I just received this review from my publishers – how exciting!  I love the last sentence!

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My Interview with Paisley Beebe on SLCN

Click here to go and watch my interview with Paisley!

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Macbeth Halloween Machinima

Thanks to HVX Silverstar, here is machinima of some of us at the Halloween party on Macbeth yesterday!! Wow. our first machinima set on the sim! Thaks HVX! WHat an unexpected bonus!

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Macbeth Parties

In two weeks we’ve had two parties and about 20 tours through Macbeth, and the average number of people who have visited per day is close to 2000, sometimes 5000 on a weekend.  Its lovely to have so many people visiting and talking to us about the sim.  Here are two shots which although not [...]

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Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters: Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Second Life

UPDATE: Please see corrected times for the launch of Macbeth!  Also, we will be honoured with the lovely voice of Paisley Beebe entertaining us on the day. Hope to see lots of friends there

It is my pleasure to announce the grand launch and opening of our new Second Life sim, Macbeth (SLURL: here).
This is [...]

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Next week I am off to the NMC’s Horizon.au advisory board meeting. I am doing my homework right now and finding some great articles about emerging technologies in the associated wiki – its public for viewing, so go have a look!
The press clippings are most interesting, with an assorted compilation of reports, articles, and media attention given [...]

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Soap Opera extends fictional diegetic to online “fake” magazine

In a very clever move, popular soap opera The Young and the Restless has developed an online magazine and blog for a fascinating blend of fiction and reality.  Restless Style is a magazine that is an important part of the YATR storyline, and although fictional, it now exists in the online world so fans can [...]

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Why Blog in the Primary School Classroom?

I just found a great series of videos about blogging in the classroom and kids online.
Here is a Sydney classroom’s blog: Wormbins.
I especially love their class video on worm farms!!!

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Guest Lecture on Second Life

An inspirational introduction to the potential of Second Life, from the NMC’s Symposium on Creativity:

Your avatar: the means for personal expression and identity exploration.
Robbie Dingo’s machinima, MASK:

Questions: what do you know about Second life already? What were some of the key ideas made in these two videos? [...]

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Mr Pixel Goes to Washington

Tomorrow the CEO of the New Media Consortium, Dr Larry Johnson, will address congress in Washington in a Hearing on Online Virtual Worlds.  Larry’s address is entitled:
“Online Virtual Worlds: Applications and Avatars in a User-Generated Medium”
A pdf copy of his testimony can be located here.
Of particular interest is one of Larry’s key points:

The emerging [...]

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Youth Online, Grant Success, SATC Updates, HP movies, and a Sad Sad Situation

Happy Easter! (to find out what this image is – keep reading!)
The beginning of the working year has been crazy crazy crazy this year – I took on some additional administrative duties and they’re really time consuming!! So here is a little update of some great news, some catch-ups and some very sad news.
Last [...]

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Want to do a “Certificate in Digital Literacies”?

I’m running a professional development course for teachers interested in getting a Certificate in Digital Literacies (which may also be used as accreditation towards a MEd degree with extra assignment work). Anybody interested? Here’s all the info in a pdf file.

This course will involve a critical investigation of digital literacies, multimodal digital authoring and new [...]

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Book Launch at Gleebooks

Here are the details of my forthcoming book launch!  Its a joint launch with my friend Jon and we’ve been planning it for a while – all welcome!!
Friday, March 14, 2008 / 6.00 for 6.30pm Launch
Jonathan Marshall and Angela Thomas
Living on Cybermind / Youth Online: Identity and Literacy in the Digital Age
Published by: [...]

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