I am a senior lecturer in English Education, currently working at the University of Tasmania.

I am interested in all aspects of children’s literature, and teach both Undergraduate and Postgraduate units on critical approaches to literature. I am currently researching and writing about constructions of the female body in YA literature.

I also research the fusion of new media and literature. This includes the discursive and social practices, particularly in and around virtual spaces, where young people celebrate, re-create and transform story and literature such as fan fiction, machinima and role-playing. Embedded in this is an interest in the ways young people construct aspects of identity (real and fictional) through language and image. I am especially interested in critical feminist post-structural theory and how it applies to girl’s subjectivities, both real and as depicted in fiction.

My research has included the production of several creative works, which have been new media transformations of literature: Virtual Macbeth, an island in Second Life which allows interactive exploration of Shakespeare’s play; iFiction, a mobile Augmented Reality app to allow children to reversion the classic children’s text “A Wrinkle in Time”; and Persephone, a virtual world which allows immersion and exploration of Greek Mythology, accompanied by a fictional blog which was designed as the written and visual diary of Persephone recorded after her abduction by Hades.

One of my current projects involves a comparative analysis of texts which have multiple adaptations and transformations (such as novel, graphic novel, film etc..) and the investigation of the ways in which discourses  within a single narrative world alter across these transformations. Another project underway is an investigation of girl’s responses to literature which explores aspects of femininity, the body, and body image.

Research keywords

  • Children’s Literature
  • Multimodal discourse analysis
  • Femininity / Gender
  • Identity and subjectivity
  • The female body
  • Multimodal authoring
  • New Media and Literature

Contact Details

Faculty of Education
Rm A-225d  | University of Tasmania | TASMANIA 7250 | AUSTRALIA
T +61 3 63243719