Kooky: Czech Puppet Film

As soon as I saw some stills from this movie I was enchanted. This movie comes from the imagination of Academy award winner Jan Svěrák, who also worked on the amazing online games of Samarost and Samarost 2. From kookythemovie.com, comes this description of the movie:

When asthmatic, six-year-old ONDRA is forced to throw away his scruffy, sawdust-stuffed old teddy bear, KOOKY, he prays for the safe return of his furry friend. Soon afterwards, across town, Kooky is about to be crushed in a rubbish dump when he suddenly comes to life, making his escape into a mysterious forest. The naïve, cuddly Kooky needs help to survive amongst the rough-and-ready creatures of the forest and he finds it when he meets the crotchety forest guardian HERGOT. Hergot is in charge of watching over the forest, but he has his enemies too – the malevolent NIGHTSHADE plans to take over the forest, by proving that the short-sighted but good-hearted Hergot is not up to the job of guardian.

Using puppetry and live action, Kooky is both an inventive, thrilling family adventure and a celebration of the childhood imagination.

Here is a trailer with English subtitles:

And also fun are some of the images from facebook:

Wonderful! I love all the behind the scenes shots, and the “making of” info on the website and on facebook. I wonder when we’ll get to see it here in Aus.

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