Augmented Reality: Storytelling will never be the same again!

I am really excited to discover that the Human Interface Technology Laboratory in Australia is actually just a few minutes walk from my office at UTAS!!

Here’s a description of its function:

HITLab AU brings virtual/mixed reality technologies to the Launceston campuses with a focus on design, visualisation, simulation and games. A key development will be collaborative teaching and research programs with schools and disciplines including Computing & Information Systems, Architecture & Design, Visual & Performing Arts, Human Life Sciences, Nursing, Education, Human Movement, and the Australian Maritime College.

I am very keen to develop some kind of collaboration with the HITLab and to learn about the kinds of projects already underway. I’ve been interested in Augmented Reality and where it could be going as far as education is concerned for a while now. Here is a video demonstrating simple applications:

I want one of those iMagic books!!
I would very much like to research how augmented reality affects reading. I sense another research project coming on!!

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