New Media Consortium 2010 Summer Conference

I am excited to announce that I will be running a portion of the 2010 NMC conference! I will be running a sub-sub-theme on Digital Literacies, and was granted funding from the Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy to collaborate with some of my favourite colleagues on this theme as follows:

Focus: Are informal activities like video games, social websites and virtual worlds suited for learning at school? From broad, nation-wide surveys and research reports to microanlayses of single texts, this full day workshop and follow-up special issue of Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy will showcase the discursive, social and literacy practices of young people as they engage informally in online spaces, and provide analytical evidence of the kinds of learning that actually occurs. It will also capture the ways some schools across three countries (Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America) are attempting to leverage this informal learning into formal classroom contexts, and report on the issues and attitudes which have impacted upon learning, Finally it will draw from media practitioners who will offer advice for best practice as we consider the future of education and the ways educators might best prepare young people for successful social futures.


Dr Angela Thomas (University of Sydney, Australia)

Dr Ilaria Vanni (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)

Professor Guy Merchant (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)

Dr Julia Gillen (Lancaster University, UK)

Professor Barbara Guzzetti (Arizona State University, US)

Dr Kathryn Pole (Saint Louis University, US)

Ms Kaitlin Heller (Del Ray, Random House Inc. Publishing)

Ms Jessica Hammer (Teacher’s College, Columbia University, US)

Ms Gillian Andrews (Teacher’s College, Columbia University, US)

Ms Jenn Scott-Curwood (University of Wisconsin, US)

Ms Damiana Gibbons (University of Wisconsin, US)

The conference is being held in California, with the University of Southern California as this year’s host. It’s actually being held in the Disneyland hotel, so its amusing to see the expressions of my friends when I say I am being paid to go and hang out in Disneyland for a week :) So… come and join us there for a magical time!

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  1. We (at the NMC) are very excited about this theme you are bringing to the summer conference. I (me) am excited to see you again (and this would be my very first visit to Disney, a small fact that may discount my American citizenship).

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