Changing Directions

It has been forever since my last post, but today I have a special announcement – I am relocating to Tasmania! The move is really motivated by personal reasons but I am pleased to say I have an exciting new position at the University of Tasmania which I’ll be starting in March. The University of Tasmania, or UTAS, is where I started my career, and I’m looking forward to returning and to working with some of my favourite colleagues and old friends once again. Once I am settled I hope to get back to regular blogging once again! Stay tuned 🙂

9 thoughts on “Changing Directions

  1. Fantastic news Angela, congratulations! This will be so wonderful for our project too. Well done, I hope you will be very happy.

  2. Just stumbled across your page today. Hope you keep the blog up with all you’ve got going on. It’s a very interesting site, and I enjoyed reading it. Good luck with your move.

  3. Hi Angela, I am a fan of your work – I think I connected with you a couple of years ago – you know my husband Roger Stack. I am working at UTAS now on an ICT in education project – talking to key leaders across the educational sectors about their vision for e-learning. Would love to catch up with you… where are you working at UTAS? Have you got any time?
    Bye for now, Sue Stack

  4. Hi Sue, I’d love to have a chat, feel free to call me – I think my extension is X3237! I am on the Launceston campus but I am sure I will get to Hobart at some stage as well.

  5. The brain had a cardiac arrest (brain equivalent of a cardiac arrest) when I read that you’re returning to Tas. How exciting! I’ll be there for a visit early May and would love to catch up. I’ll do my best to stalk you, I mean visit you.

  6. Haha!!! I’d love to catch up. I think you still have my mobile number from when you visited in Sydney… so call me (or email closer to the time). A xx

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