Storytelling with Ghosts

Storytelling with Ghosts

Part of my Greek myth build is completed now! Here’s an image of the graveyard, where participants will tell and write stories in role. I’m going to also ask experienced students to make personifications of grief – I did a rather non-metaphorical example of a person expressing grief here:

"Grief" in 28 Prims

I have to confess I bought a “basic mannequins prim” set online and just positioned each prim to make this statue. I think the set is a great bridge for non builders (like me!) to start using the tools more creatively. It only took me an hour, and I have zero building skills. There was a full permissions set available so that means I can give copies of the set to all my students and send them off on a task. It really focusses attention on the body, and is a reminder that the body can be and is present in an online drama and role-playing session in all sorts of ways.

4 thoughts on “Storytelling with Ghosts

  1. this is looking SOOOO good – will you have an in-world chat with some MQ people following this?

  2. Hi Angela!
    Where did you purchase the “basic mannequins prim” set? Sounds like a terrific tool! I would definitely be interested in your experiences with it …


  3. Hi Heidi!
    I bought it from xstreetsl here:
    Its wonderful – all the hard stuff technically is done for you (bending, twisting, shaping the prims), so you can concentrate on being creative and expressive. Perfect for artsy but non tech people!

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