YouTube Edu and Academic Earth

Did you know that YouTube has recently launchedYouTube Edu compartment of channels, an edu directory and edu search facility? I was impressed that there’s one Australian University channel already full of great resources – professional looking videos and series of lectures (i.e. the fascinating video about 3D cinema above from UNSW).

Also recently launched is Academic Earth, “thousands of lectures from the world’s top scholars” (though no Australians on this one).


I’ve been enjoying this series of lectures on The American Novel Since 1945, with Professor Amy Hungerford. I think sharing content via video is only going to grow, and as Mark Pesce said in a recent lecture (which I also watched online), this kind of sharing really shifts the balance of power from the institution to the clients / students – they will have the opportunity to “shop around” for their courses and academic advisors in ways they’ve never been able to before. I bet this scares a lot of institutions (it scares me too!).

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