Derevo Detstva; Where the Wild Things Are

This Russian animation of a child’s nightmare is just incredible. The video is in the top 20 viral video list and the soft and dreamily drawn artwork is beautiful. According to the person who uploaded it,

it was drawn by pastel penciles on paper, animated in computer, but not in 3D programmes, all is 2D 🙂

It’s a kind of Where the Wild Things Are meets Surrealist art meets New Media. 


Speaking of Where the Wild Things Are, one of my favourite children’s classic picture books, it is being made into a realistic movie. Here’s the trailer:

Apparently the children’s author Maurice Sendak is “thrilled” at the film version of his book, however I am not yet convinced – maybe after years of teaching children’s literature and studying the picture book images it feels like too much back-story is filled in (always a problem with any movie interpretation of a well-loved book of course). However, this trailer also hit the top 20 viral video list last week, so its getting a lot of buzz.

4 thoughts on “Derevo Detstva; Where the Wild Things Are

  1. Exciting stuff – was (is) the film filmed in Oz?

    Also – Would you like to lock in a visit to my school on that day you said suited you? Also I’d love to book you for the podcast thing after the conference. Any idea of the day and time that suits?

  2. Yes, let’s lock in a visit – I will be suffering jetlag that day so let’s make it just for the afternoon? I will need you to send me details on which trains to use to get from where I am staying in Windsor to wherever your school is! Actually, it would be very nice of you if you could send me a google map tracing where to go so I don’t get lost 🙂
    Can you come and do the podcast in Greenwich one evening after the conference? I don’t think the schedule for the conference is published yet, but it goes over a weekend so maybe the Saturday late afternoon or early evening?

  3. 1. What date would it be that you come and visit the school? I’ll sort something out and hopefully will be able to come and pick you up and drive you back. I’m sure you can do windsor to school but I’m much happier making it easy for you. I’m sure I can spin it and get the morning (or part of) off to come pick you up.

    2. I have no problem coming to meet you for the podcast. I’d also love to know when you are speaking and somehow get a way to see you speak… :-/ keep me posted on that one! I can be you bodyguard?!

  4. 1. Friday July 3rd and if you can organise the transport that would be wonderful!!
    2. I’ve emailed the organisers of the conference to ask whether I can invite a guest along but no promises. My keynote is scheduled for Friday 10th 5-6pm

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