Inanimate Alice – Music, remixes and retellings



(Hecate, from Inanimate Alice)    


Ironically, days *after* doing my Digital Fiction workshop which had a strong focus on Inanimate Alice, I am only now discovering things I could have included in my workshop to enhance it!  For example, did you know that if you signed up to Alice’s newsletter, “she” becomes your friend and sends you all of the music used in the first few episodes? My favourite is Hecate, have a listen above! This will be wonderful in future as it means I can provide my teachers a whole range of free soundtracks to include when making their own digital fiction. Also inspiring is the group of Grade 10 English students who retold their own multimodal versions of Alice on this blog. A huge thanks to Jess Laccetti, who has been in conversations with me about using Inanimate Alice, and who wrote the exceptional pedagogical pack to accompany the resource, and to the Inanimate Alice producer, Ian Harper, who has been responding very patiently to every question I have had over the past three years about the story background, behind the scenes, and multimedia decisions. And finally, just for fun, here’s my other favourite piece of music – can you find where exactly they’re used in the narrative?


(Ayisha, from Inanimate Alice)

6 thoughts on “Inanimate Alice – Music, remixes and retellings

  1. Dear Angela –

    Thanks so much for your continuing work on ‘Inanimate Alice’. I loved the pictures on Flickr of your students working on digital fiction, with those shots of Alice on their screens. Wonderful.

    Hopefully Chris and I will get a new episode finished in the next few months, or at least, in 2009.

    All best – Kate

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  3. Thank you so much for your comments Kate!! I’m really looking forward to the next episode and as always, any news on the IA front. Wonderful work!

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  5. I have to make my own Inanimate Alice in English, and hopefully this music will help me heeeeeaaaaaaaaaaapppppsss thankyou xx

  6. I’m rereading this post of your Angela and now that I’m teaching an undergrad. English class I think I might borrow your idea! I love it that you had students retell their own versions of I.A.

    Thanks again for sharing your work with multimodal fictions.

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