Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

FC&P Shakespearean shoot

I created a Virtual Macbeth group on flickr so that I’d be able to view and enjoy the fun other people were having on Macbeth – and it is indeed a thrill every time somebody adds a new photo to the pool, or adds the tag virtualmacbeth to their flickr image. So far there are several hundred images floating through the flickrsphere about Macbeth all created by Second Life users – from students to fashonistas doing their fashion shoots on the island! I love social media!

Thanks to all those people who have been adding tags for me, and a huge thanks to Nick Noakes who helped me to set up the wiki and the rss feeds and a whole lot of other things! Full credit for these images provided when you click them. Please keep adding and tagging, it is greatly appreciated! Here are some of my favourites to date:

FC&P Shakespearean shoot

Visit Macbeth

...To The Last Syllable of Recorded Time...

Visit Macbeth

Deny Me Not

Going Up

Ok who pinched me

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