Soy Tu Aire (I am your Air)


Listen to this incredible, evocative song and watch the wonderful music video that accompanies it. Then interact with the narrative of the song, by going to Labuat.  Make sure you move your cursor like a paint brush across the screen as the song crosses the space and takes its emotional journey with you, allowing you to connect with the piece as an art form. As you interact, your own expressive journey is recorded, each person unique and different, and then send your recording to your friends. This is truly inspired. Watch it. Be it. Love it!


There’s a blog post here in Spanish, saying something like this:

The new LaBuat group – formed by Virginia of OT, Risto Mejide and The Pinker Tones- it requested a experience to us Web different for the launching from its first single “I am your Air”. A full song of many and few. Of orchestras and threads of voice. Of truths and lies by halves. 

When a song arrives to us, we felt that uncontrollable desire to move to us. Here we wanted to offer an interactive experience that it allowed us to be able to express to us… with a brush. The user can freely move the brush by the screen like that dances or moves the arms, but the pinto brush in synchrony and so he happens in the song, changing of size and force based on the intensity of music. In addition the brush barks to the rate of the song.

It is therefore a connected species of alive brush to music that you can use still more for meterte within the song. The result is a video with your personal interpretation, that you can see and send to your friendly.

Every day barriers are transferred. Every time it is one more near which it does the other. Even within him. The public form leaves from the artist, of its work. It implements it amplifies, it, trasforma. And although to many we would have liked to live the great moments on the sixty, we did not forget the great revolution ours was: the democratization of the information, the leisure and the art in the network makes that our thought is less local, more human and altruistic. The work is of all, anybody and each. 

(Translation thanks to Babel Fish).

Isn’t it beautiful!


(thanks to Gary Hayes for the link, and for his fantastic post: Letting Audiences Play With Your Pieces: Participatory Film and Media)

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