New Writing Universe

New WRITING Universe

At the end of last year, the Australian Council for the Arts published The writer’s guide to making a digital living. The authors are Therese Fingleton, Christy Dena, and Jennifer Wilson. Christy has been a long time friend of mine since my early days in Second Life, and I met Therese whilst working on the Virtual Macbeth project, which was funded under a Story of the Future initiative. This is a wonderful guide for writers of new media, and Christy tells me that its required reading already in some new media writing classes. 

I am thrilled to be quoted in different ways in this guide – firstly where references from my book are used to dispel the myth “New media is killing the art of creative writing“, and secondly in conjunction with Kerreen and Kate (my collaborators on the Virtual Macbeth project) in the DIY case studies section

But I am most excited with the wonderful resource that the section New Writing Universe will be for all of the English teachers I work with. I missed this before now until Christy tweeted it to me when I was discussing yesterday’s Digital Fiction workshop on twitter. Thanks Christy!

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