“Don’t you Twitterstand?”

This satirical look at twitter made me laugh. I am now 2 years into twitter and (like other social media use) I have my phases of being very active and not so active. But twitter has grown by over 2000% in the past year, thanks to all the celebrities who have taken it up and the amount of press coverage its had in mainstream media. 

In 2008 an interesting white paper about twitter was written by Luke Weaver – twitter.com, and he described many uses and benefits for twitter, including the fact that many professionals are using it as a new form of the “unconference” – sharing thoughts, links, references, ideas and articles spontaneously about trend topics within their area of expertise. 

I like to follow a lot of people, then group them so that I can follow different kinds of conversations really easily using a great twitter tool called tweetdeck.  I think I’ve only posted a couple of blog posts previously about twitter – one about the poetics of the 140 character limitation, another about collaborative twitter fiction, but the recent growth of twitter makes me rethink what’s new, what’s exciting, and why people might use it. I find it worthwhile and sociable and I enjoy the informality, the spontaneity, the immediateness of the communication. I feel a part of several different communities.  

The 140 character word limit has several effects on language – it makes you think carefully about the most economical way of communicating your message, it allows some people to be very poetic and creative with their writing, and it also makes for less pressure – its easy to zap off 140 characters or less and feel like a writer without having the pressure of a blog post or a journal article looming in front of you. It is “bite size” but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is shallow or meaningless. In fact some of the most evocative writing I have read lately comes from twitterers! Yes, there is a lot of crud out there, but you have total control of who you follow and for what reason, so if you’re reading crud, just click “unfollow”!  Meanwhile, many thanks to the people who engage in conversations with me over twitter, I enjoy it immensely!

Here’s a mosaic of some of the people I communicate with and/or follow on twitter:

Get your twitter mosaic here.

8 thoughts on ““Don’t you Twitterstand?”

  1. I am still trying to get my head around twitter…. Planning on trying harder real soon!

    Did you get my messages about your visit to London and my new website/podcast?

  2. Your messages were: we must meet up and I must see your classroom and hmmmm the other one is your new podcasting site? Is it a YOU podcast or YOUR CLASS podcast? I’d love to hear what you have to say, provided of course its something pleasant about me :)

  3. I’ll def make a big deal of you coming to visit our school :-) ;-)

    As for the podcast – it is a ME website and podcast – got a bit bored with blogging I think…. def take a listen to episode 0.5 – that’s we’re I massage your ego :-D

  4. awww thanks Chris, I just listened to your podcast 0.5 :) That’s very kind of you, thank you!!! Well, at least one of my former students has good things to say about me *phew*!! Well done for doing the podcast. I have done a couple of podcast interviews or group chats but you know… I’m better at writing so I stick to that!!
    Won’t your school be on Summer break in July? I’ll be in London from July 2nd til July 12th or something like that. I am also going to Sheffield to see Dr Joolz and the wonderful New Literacies team up there. We’ll have to co-ordinate :)

  5. We break up around the 20th of July so you’ll be able to visit when things are still up and running, but at a time when it will be ok to spice things up a bit with your visit ;-)

    Let me know if there will be anything in particular you’d like to see.

    As for your conference, I would really love to be at your talk in Greenwich. Any way it will be recorded or sneaking me in with you? hehe

  6. Do you have computers that can run Second Life? I have an alternative “safe” version of Second Life with Macbeth on it that we could let the students explore if you do. Otherwise I want to see lots of drama and media and artsy stuff! What grade do you have now?
    I think the conference organisers are technically challenged, as every time I write to ask about the equipment and access available I get no response. Let’s hope closer to the time we’ll have something sorted for a recording or something! :)

  7. Sorry for the delay! Chaotic week!

    Teaching year 3 this year, so macbeth might be a bit heavy…. But we should be able to show you a load of things that we’ve done throughout the year.

    Was also thinking, maybe you’d like to be a special guest on my podcast when you’re in London? Topic can be of your choice. What do you think?

  8. Oh I would love to be a special guest where I sit back and just discover and listen and view the exciting things your class are doing – year 3 was my very first class ever, I love that age group!!
    I was just checking my schedule though and time is pretty restricted – there’s probably only one day I can make a visit to your classroom which would be Friday July 3. Then Sunday I will be heading to Sheffield, and then when I return to London its straight into the conference. Then after that I am off to a secret French location for a holiday before flying back to Aus!
    Once my talk is over at the conference I’d be happy to meet up to do the podcast – I suspect Friday 3rd I will be pretty jetlagged still as I only arrive the night before so not sure I could be terribly coherent for a podcast then. Topic: hmmmmm – education in virtual worlds or something similar?

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