New Grant!


Last month I learned that an application for funding for a research project I proposed was successful!  It is a grant of $52,000 from the University of Sydney and the project title is: Innovative Pedagogy in Virtual Worlds.

I am working with colleagues from a number of other faculties on the project – medicine, pharmacy, engineering and arts. Our focus is on developing rich immersive spaces and researching with a cross section of students from each faculty. Each faculty will be focussing on a discipline specific pedagogy (simulation, case study etc…) and I of course am focussing on storytelling and role-playing. 

I have ordered some islands from Linden Lab, and have been working on the design brief, ethics applications and a whole lot of other admin things (i.e. getting the University approval to use logos and crests in a digital environment) to get started. Its all very exciting. I am thrilled to say that the NMC (New Media Consortium) will be working on some parts of the build and after my experience with them working on Macbeth last year, I just cannot wait to get started in production with the new build.

My little slice of the build is again a literary experience. The image above is a clue to the storyworld I will be developing. Any guesses?

4 thoughts on “New Grant!

  1. Nice one . I am hoping to get a grant for a learning and teaching in virtual worlds technology in may. Well done, all your hard works shows!

  2. ah so your shouting dinner and drinks eh! hmmm could it be gourd world? or pipps place? Fruitsville…..nope no guesses here! keep me in the loop! and grats!!! 52 smakaroos!

  3. My guess would be Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet…

    …Some question about whether it was a nightingale or a lark that pierc’d her ear – t’was of course the nightingale (and not a silver stud 😉


  4. Ooohh good luck Dean – this was my second attempt – the first time in 2006 I was told that spending money on Second Life was “an inappropriate use of funds”. I’ve kept that rejection letter to use in the future 🙂

    Paisley – I will be sure to invite you to the launch in a few months time! 🙂

    Jerry your mind works in mysterious ways. Alas, it is not Romeo and Juliet this time (though i would love to do that too sometime!!) but I thought you would be sure to guess immediately after the success you had in my former quiz 🙂 Maybe I should offer a reward to get you working harder hehe

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