Virtual Macbeth participates in World Storytelling Day

Virtual Macbeth is going to be participating in the Virtual Worlds Story Project, a project running in Second Life as part of the celebrations of World Storytelling Day!

In details sent to me by the organisers, “The Story Quest brings writers from around the globe to participate in a fun-filled and challenging story writing exercise to celebrate World Storytelling Day.  With five genres to choose from, writers will travel to a variety of sims, collect clues, and use elements of those sims to craft their stories.” I don’t think I can say much more without giving away clues, but you must come along to this event, and I might see you there!

Here’s a detailed press release about the event:

The Virtual Worlds Story Project Presents: The Second Life Story Quest

The Virtual World Story Project is pleased to announce its first annual Story Quest, to be held on World Storytelling Day, March 20, 2009.

With a goal of helping writers and storytellers imagine, craft, and share Second Life stories, the Quest will lead participants along one of five Story Trails. Along each trail will be a series of Enchanted Books. Touching the books will not only provide information to include in the story, but clues that lead to other points on the trail as well.

The Quest will allow participants to choose from one of four genres, and be held across multiple sims in Second Life. The Quest’s final stop will be Karuna (the new HIV/AIDS sim) where participants can sit in scenic surroundings to write, submit their stories, and/or get help from writing coaches.

The day will conclude with story readings, the awarding of prizes, live music, and dancing.

This event is ideal for educators wishing to help students learn to write well and experience the immersive and creative possibilities inherent in virtual environments.

DETAILS Date: Friday, March 20th LOCATION: Starts on Storybook Island OR Karuna.


Start Time: Story Sleuths can pick up their first clues on Storybook Island at Midnight.

End Time: The Quest ends at 5:00 pm SLT. That is the time that stories must be submitted.

The rest of the festivities, which include story reading, live music, and dancing commence immediately after.

The awards ceremony will be held at 7:00 pm. Questions: Please IM Jenaia Morane or drop her an email at:

See you there, maybe 🙂

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