Want to do a Certificate of Digital Literacies?

Heard about virtual worlds but don’t know what they’re about and why they would be good for education?

Always wondered what the fuss about Second Life is all about?

Wondering how others use blogs and wikis in the classroom?

Thinking about improving your own skills in making animations?

Want to see and review some fabulous resources for the teaching of mulitliteracies?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, come along to one of my Teacher Development sessions, or come along to all of them and get a Certificate of Digital Literacies!

Details here.

4 thoughts on “Want to do a Certificate of Digital Literacies?

  1. Sorry to pester you on your blog, Angela! I really want to read your article on fictional blogs for my thesis project on authorship in regards to fanfiction and interactive role-playing. However, the url(http://incsub.org/blogtalk/?page_id=109) to your doc doesn’t translate properly, and as you know, you’re one of the few people that actually discusses fictional blogs. 😉 Is asking for the doc by e-mail a long shot? Also, love your blog!

  2. well thats one of my blogs anyway…..i am finding people very hard to enthuse re using 2d life in the sydney uni foundation courses….is there much activity in other faculties besides yours????? btw …who are the team helping you? IT types? staff????
    cheers etc

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