Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe


I have been invited to go and speak on the SLCN “Tonight Live” with Paisley Beebe show on Sunday!  Details include:


This week Paisley interviews guests:

Inarra Saarinen – Ballet Pixille

Inarra brings her RL skills of choreography & animation to the fore as Founder & artistic director of Ballet Pixelle. She writes or adapts stories for the Ballets, creates the unique animations, develops the choreography, does set design, costume coordination, overall production design and auditions & works with the dancers. Her dance company also has a RL following and has been seen in magazines & on TV.

Personal website: inarra saarinen on Facebook

Business Website:



HatHead Rickenbacker – Chief Creative Officer

Known for more than just his music, Hathead also runs a full service company servicing corporate & non-profit organizations: building, managing events, learning conferences, testing capabilities & constraints of SL. He builds, he performs, he films & he thinks!

SLurl of Hathead:

Personal website:

Business Website:

Anya Ixchel – Virtual Worlds Content Designer

A RL senior lecturer in an Australian University, Anya find new & innovative ways to teach curriculum materials to her students by bringing them in world, taking them on tours of her sim Macbeth and discussing new forms of creative & performative pedagogy.

SLurl of Macbeth:

Personal & business website:

** Key landmarks and websites: **

* Tonight Live studio at SLCN:

* If the sim is full we have a live screen set up at: Sunset Jazz Club

* Tonight Live show replays:

* If you wish to watch replays of our show or any other SLCN show just visit our studio for a free TV set

* Join our group “Tonight Live” to recieve information about upcoming guests and artists

* Tonight Live blog & pictures at:


So I had to go fashion shopping for such a special occasion! I hope to see some friendly faces in the audience – come along early so you can get a seat, spaces are limited!


Anya ready for Tonight Live

Macbeth Parties

 Macbeth Halloween Party

In two weeks we’ve had two parties and about 20 tours through Macbeth, and the average number of people who have visited per day is close to 2000, sometimes 5000 on a weekend.  Its lovely to have so many people visiting and talking to us about the sim.  Here are two shots which although not high resolution, show me in shocked states as I kind of met two Lindens who came to our Halloween party:

 Me and Sidewinder Linden

That is me and Sidewinder Linden

Anya Ixchel and Claudia Linden

and that is me and Claudia Linden!!


Anya Ixchel and Corwin Carillon

That is me with Nick Noakes (aka Corwin Carillon), and this is me with my green skin, courtesy of Ina Centaur (thanks, Ina!):

Anya in Green Skin


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