Virtual Macbeth Halloween Party!

Hi everybody, we’re having an informal Halloween party on Macbeth in Second Life on Friday evening US time (Saturday 2pm Sydney time). Please come along and join us if you’d like some fun. We have the amazing Cybster DJ entertaining us with whatever DJs do for a few hours, and we’d love some more fine company to enjoy the evening with.


Alan Levine advertised the event with the words: “Join Anya Ixchel and her scary friends” – but I promise you that we are not scary, we are very gentle. Even if I do wear my Vampire outfit. Hope to see you there! 🙂 (Thanks Alan!)

One thought on “Virtual Macbeth Halloween Party!

  1. Hee hee- that is an inside joke for you. Having met Anya in SL and Angela in RL, I know both are very sweet, gentle, and friendly.

    When we first met F2F at the 2007 NMC Summer Conference, you mentioned by dog avatar was “scary” and you seemed worried Alan was the same.

    I hope I proved otherwise 😉

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