Next week I am off to the NMC’s Horizon.au advisory board meeting. I am doing my homework right now and finding some great articles about emerging technologies in the associated wiki – its public for viewing, so go have a look!

The press clippings are most interesting, with an assorted compilation of reports, articles, and media attention given to new media and education. I am in the process now of starring the clippings I think are significant from my teaching and research perspective. But its difficult not to just star them all.

2 thoughts on “Horizon.au

  1. Hi Angela:
    I think you will be interested in the website for a new novel Reconstructing Mayakovsky. Like the novel, it uses “found” objects (image, sound , text, and hyperlink) and combines elements of science fiction, poetry, historical fiction, and biography to tell the story of the Russian Futurist poet in a radically different way. If you enjoy it, I hope you will share it with friends and/or write about it on your blog. Thanks.

  2. Dr. Thomas,
    I am a Doc student in the U.S. at Northern Illinois University. For my dissertation I am creating a motivational survey for students in grades 6-12. My plan is to create an updated survey that incorporates both traditional and contemporary literacies that our students are involved in. I have created a pool of possible items for this survey. Having read your work, I was hoping you could glance at the items and offer any input as far as wording and the inclusion of the items themselves. There are many (104). I plan to narrow the items, but would appreciate your input. I have posted a pdf link to the survey items at my blog where you can also leave comments/replies
    I could also send you a PDF directly by e-mail.
    I would appreciate any help you could offer and will definitely acknowledge your assistance in my published dissertation.

    Thank you
    Tracy Tarasiuk

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