Soap Opera extends fictional diegetic to online “fake” magazine

In a very clever move, popular soap opera The Young and the Restless has developed an online magazine and blog for a fascinating blend of fiction and reality.  Restless Style is a magazine that is an important part of the YATR storyline, and although fictional, it now exists in the online world so fans can access extra-diegetic videos, info, tips, music and so on. There are fake news clippings about the launch of the magazine, interviews with the “magazine CEOs”, videos of magazine cover shoots, fashion tips and more, all linked to the fictional characters in YATR and yet…. linked to RL fashion events and info like a real fashion magazine might do.  I think it is very clever and wish the show was on Australian free-to-air TV so I could watch for intertextual links.  

I found out about it via one of my favourite pop culture blogs, Pink is the New Blog, here.  

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2 Responses to Soap Opera extends fictional diegetic to online “fake” magazine

  1. ruby says:

    Hi, I been passing by your blog and really inspired. Love the way you voice out the words from your heart.

  2. Shelley Rodrigo says:

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this. A colleague and I have been doing research on narrative sprawl for a while now. I’m exited to find another example. It reminds me of the commercials that the do for the Sci Fi show Eureka!

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