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  1. This is off the topic so I apologize, but I just had to share this with you, Angela!

    I wanted to express my excitement with your book on digital identity, which I read on a plane in about four hours and then re-read it in the next couple of evenings. The things that fascinated me most about it:

    1) Your writing style – that in no way attempts to strip the issues of embodiment and learner digital identity off their multi-layered capacity. This book stands out as a systematic effort to uncover “the semiotics of identity”, which in your interpretation, are very involved, interwoven and intertwined with how human beings function on-line, off-line and the intersection of those.

    2) I am also impressed with the theoretical underpinnings of your book, which I felt set a good ground for your data analysis. Although this intricate and sophisticated theoretical canvas might possibly become intimidating for an unprepared reader (I found myself going back to the theoretical pieces as you referred back to them throughout your cases and I have yet to consider the relevance of some of them), it definitely adds to the depth of each case and serves as a magnifying lens to raise inconspicuous issues that are of immense importance to the topic of identity formation at the intercross of reality and fantasy.

    3) Lastly, the longitudal character of your case studies gives credibility to your research. Many of digital identity investigations I read do not offer a change in time perspective, but rather focus on one, frozen in time, aspect of identity – this approach is illuminating, but in my opinion fails to appreciate the role of dynamics in the digital identity formation.

    These are just my quick notes that certainly fail to pay justice to your book and are sifted through my own understanding. Again, may thanks for your wonderful work and for the courage to tread where many others are cautions to go. With best wishes, Lesya Hassall

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