e-Learning Forum

with thanks to Jo Kay for letting me use this image

I have prepared a whole lot of images to be flickering past in the background as I speak about Second Life – hopefully meaning will be made in some third space between my spoken text and the images :)
(thanks to Jo Kay and Alja for letting me use some of their great images!!).

In addition I may refer to Jo Kay and Sean Fitzgerald’s wiki on the Educational Uses of Second Life.

I also like the following very well constructed video, which provides a wonderful glimpse into different educational spaces and possibilities in SL:

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2 Responses to e-Learning Forum

  1. AnnePaterson says:

    They are great images, when is the elearning forum, can anyone attend?

  2. Angela Thomas says:

    Thanks Anne – its on tomorrow (Friday) but it just a small faculty thing, sorry.

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