ARC Linkage Grant Success!!

OMG the best news ever today – the ARC grant I have been working on for a long long time was successful! I am very very excited as this means I will get funds to help me research younger children’s machinima, game-making and 3D digital storytelling. I have been working on the grant application with colleague and co-chief investigator, Professor Len Unsworth, and we are collaborating with our industry partner, the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, specifically with Peter Maggs, who is the Head of New Media at the ACTF. If you are interested in the long process of getting an ARC grant, please read on.

Getting a grant is a really long process. Here are some of the things Len and i did –
– first of all, I spent 3 months study leave at the end of 2005 at UNE working with Len on a range of projects, focussing on the initial creative development of the ideas
– we met with staff at the ACTF to seek interest in the ideas we had planned out and had some quite long discussions about our mutual interests
– next, I wrote a bit of a lit review about the field, and presented some initial thoughts at a 2006 seminar (see above image)
– then Len and I submitted a paper about new media in education to an Australian governmental enquiry, and were cited quite heavily in the resulting enquiry publication
– at the same time, I was becoming heavily involved in Second Life and became the leading lady in an award-winning machinima (Lip Flap)
– I then started writing about machinima in general and have spoken at several conferences and published one paper about it
– Len and I wanted to broaden the scope of the project and met with other potential linkage partners who were keen to be involved (the education department). We worked closely with them and the ACTF for some months, but then the education department had a restructuring, and the people we had been working with were no longer in the same positions, so we had to revise our ideas again working solely with the ACTF, which brought us to the end of 2006
– During 2007 Len and I worked closely on all the paperwork associated with an application to the ARC – which involved further meetings and liaison with the ACTF, in particular related to detailing a long and complex budget.
– Also during this time Len and I had separate meetings with our respective research offices at our Universities to seek feedback and advice about every little aspect of the application. After these meetings we had discussions to do revisions and then these revisions had to be negotiated with the ACTF.
– In November 2007 we submitted our application, 2 years after starting work on it!
– In March of 2008 we received the ARC assessor’s reports. The assessors were very positive but had questions and critiques of this aspect or another, and so we had to write a rejoinder to address each point made by each assessor.
– And today we found out the result!!

So stay tuned for more updates over the next few years 🙂


3 thoughts on “ARC Linkage Grant Success!!

  1. Angels, I can only imagine how much work went into this. You will do great things. Congratulations!

    signed the dreamer

  2. Hi Angela, congratulations! I have recently received a grant for a research project about media/multimodal literacy in primary schools in Austria, I only worked 8 months on it, but I can feel with you 🙂 One of the anonymous reviewers suggested we go to Australia to conferences, so maybe we’ll meet some day. I’d be certainly interested to find more about your work. (read your Youth Online book) All the best, Sigrid

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