Guest Lecture on Second Life

An inspirational introduction to the potential of Second Life, from the NMC’s Symposium on Creativity:

Your avatar: the means for personal expression and identity exploration.

Robbie Dingo’s machinima, MASK:

Questions: what do you know about Second life already? What were some of the key ideas made in these two videos? What are the questions you think would make an interesting discussion?

Slides: A sociocultural overview of Second Life


a) What makes Second Life unique and of interest to so many different groups of people?

b) What do some of the stories and case studies tell us about the worth of a space such as Second Life in their lives?

c) What are some of the potentials for using Second Life in and across a range of contexts?

d) How might you now answer your own questions before viewing the slides? What is left unanswered?

Further References:

iVillage Fashion Show:

IP Precedent (the sex bed):

Mixed reality event (beer):

Persephone Milk

Question : What do you think of this man’s story?


  1. What are some of the key themes and issues related to life in virtual worlds?
  2. Some say that 80% of internet users will have a second life within the next few years – do you think this is probable? Do you own bit of future speculation 🙂
  3. What questions do you still have unanswered? (Take them to your tutorials!)

Look me up on Second Life – Anya Ixchel

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