Want to do a “Certificate in Digital Literacies”?

I’m running a professional development course for teachers interested in getting a Certificate in Digital Literacies (which may also be used as accreditation towards a MEd degree with extra assignment work). Anybody interested? Here’s all the info in a pdf file.

This course will involve a critical investigation of digital literacies, multimodal digital authoring and new forms of social networking, covering the upper years of primary schooling to the HSC years. The course is designed to provide sufficient time for experimentation with materials and ideas in between sessions, and, from Session 2, will include opportunities for participant feedback and sharing. During the sessions students will:

  • Examine and analyse a range of multimodal digital fiction and discuss how they might be included in studies of new forms of narrative
  • Discuss fan fiction and its value in young people’s writing development
  • Be introduced to a range of social networking sites including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and wikis and discuss ways teachers are currently (and might in future be) using such sites for enhancing student literacy
  • Discuss how video games might be used in the classroom for educational purposes
  • Explore the virtual world of Second Life and see how thousands of educators around the world are leveraging this space for all of its educational affordances
  • Explore the use of digital spaces for identity play, creativity and role-playing and evaluate how these concepts influence, shape or contribute to innovative literacy uses by young people, and
  • Learn how to create a machinima using Kahootz and / or Second Life as a multimedia authoring tool.
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The course format will consist of lecturer presentations, group activities and discussions, virtual world (Second Life) exploration, and workshops. Come spend a few Saturday afternoons with me 🙂

7 thoughts on “Want to do a “Certificate in Digital Literacies”?

  1. That looks pretty interesting! I’d obviously be keen but too much going here at the moment with post grad studies already! Plus the fact that I’ll be here in the UK. I’m sure it’ll be great though!

  2. Any chance of being able to do this type of thing from afar, even attending lectures on SL instead of at Sydney?

  3. Hi Sue!
    I can do 5 out of the 6 sessions in Second Life, but the final session would probably need you to come along as it will be practical work on a machinima and I think it would be really difficult for me to manage that both in and out of Second Life as I help each person. Would you be able to manage to come to the final session in person? If so, register away 🙂

  4. I would love to do this course ,but would need to be able to have access it on line as I live on the other side of the country- will this be a possibility at all ??? I really do hope so.

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  6. I would be interested in attending this course in 2009. Am busy completing Masters TL this year.

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