Ritchey Sealy Art Studio in SL

Ritchey Sealy Art in SL

The Ritchey Sealey art studio in Second Life (Ponden, 147, 212, 33) is really something special. It is a showcase of the real works of Ritchey, and features works using media such as oils, acrylics and charcoals. He has a stunning collection of modern abstract work in vibrant bold colours and geometric shapes – here is me below interacting with one of my favourite pieces:

Anya interacting with Ritchey Sealy Art in SL

But as well as that he has some amazing seascapes – and having grown up by the beach I am always moved by images of waves crashing against rocks. Here’s one of my favourites taken in the studio:

Ritchey Sealy Art in SL

Ritchey’s real art can be bought online here: http://ritcheysealy.photography.com.au/

I wonder if I could convince Ritchey to do a Filthy Fluno and commission a piece which incorporates my avatar a la image number two there. I wouldn’t mind the seascape either!!! I don’t usually look at art in SL with a view to purchasing the real versions, but since Ritchey lives in the same country as me, it is easier to imagine, or at least to dream, of dropping by his studio and picking up the ones I fell in love with in his SL studio.

4 thoughts on “Ritchey Sealy Art Studio in SL

  1. Your pictures have impressed me.
    It’s very nice and wonderful picture I’ve ever seen. Can I put your web to my links?
    Sigit Darmawan

  2. Art is a funny thing isn’t it? It’s just one of those things whereby beauty truly is in the eye of the beholders!

    It’s not really the art for me, however, I’m certainly always keen to check it all out.

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