ZeroG SkyDancers III – “Second Spring”

Yesterday I was treated to the third instalment of the ZeroG Skydancers in Second Life. Sponsored by the NMC and under the direction of “hyperformalist” DanCoyote Antonelli, it featured a spectacular interpretive dance piece with long flowing avatars telling a story about freedom, life, death, rebirth and redemption. The orchestral score was composed by SL musician ZeroOne Paz and was simply breathtaking. This was one of the most creative, artistic and unique performances I have ever attended in Second Life. I was also (as always) impressed with the amazing avatars sitting in the audience – each person there had a unique look and I managed to catch a few. Here are some shots from the show:

ZeroG Skydancers

ZeroG Skydancers

Anya and Dell @ ZeroG Skydancers

ZeroG Skydancers

Blued Food @ZeroG Skydancers

Sugar Seville @ ZeroG Skydancers

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