Roy Dudfield

My Father, Roy Dudfield (1939 - 2007)

My father, Roy Dudfield (1939 – 2007).

My father died yesterday very suddenly of a heart attack. Thanks to those who have sent comforting messages. It has been most appreciated.

11 thoughts on “Roy Dudfield

  1. hi angela
    so sorry to hear of your loss
    my surname is dudfield
    i was wondering if we are in some way related

  2. Dear Anya–

    So very sad to learn about your dad’s passing. Colin and I are thinking of you extra-especially.

    Warm hugs,

    M (& C)

  3. Hi Angela –
    We have not yet met, but I was given your name via Donna Alvermann about teaching in SL. I’m very sorry to arrive at your blog at such a sad time. I lost an uncle who was very dear to me back in October, so I know how deeply a sudden, unexpected death can impact a person. Warm thoughts to you and your family!
    Angie Rogers
    Clemson University

  4. Angela, I am really sorry to read your sad news.I was just catching up … and this is a shock to come across.
    I hope your world gets on an even keel again soon.

  5. Thanks everybody for your kind words. I am surprised at how much difference it made to receive these messages, it truly helped. Thank you!

    Scott – where are you from? We might be related – my Dudfield ancestors were convicts sent from the UK to Tasmanian prisons 🙂

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