Twittories: a collaborative twitter story

The Darkness Inside is the first ever twittory – a story developed by 140 people using twitter, each person allowed one tweet, which is a maximum of 140 characters in length.

The twittory will then be podcast at the Podcast Network, and later turned into a Second Life machinima.

Surprisingly, the writers are so far creating a very rich narrative – with hints of characters in and out of virtual spaces, a touch of fantasy, a mystery, touches of back story and flashbacks, and a few old fashioned stereotypes. One clever writer so far added in a twist nobody saw coming, and the whole twitterverse went ahhhhhh – some amusing and clever storytelling. It’s exciting to see what happens with story when every letter and space counts – how much can you communicate within the constrictions of 140 characters at a time. It’s truly poetic. Even if it turns into a farce, its an incredibly fascinating experience in terms of narrative, social collaboration of text, and understanding the constructedness of the plot with respect to knowing each individual writer’s style.  Or should that be their ‘tweeting’ style? I am already signed up for Twittory #2 and the podcast. If any teachers want to do this with their class I would love to know, as seeing what kids would do with it and how they would engage in the metadiscourse would be a great study!!

4 thoughts on “Twittories: a collaborative twitter story

  1. Looking forward to the development of this story for the fun of it and more importantly the future that may or may not come from this. The whole virtual social thing is fasinating.

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  3. Hello Angela, You are # 124 or so in twitterories, I am # 135, I am going where I only have dial up, could you message me when it is your turn, so I know where to put my dialup energies? Happy Holiday.

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