First MySpace book will promote youth activism about the environment

Are you a young person on MySpace wanting to contribute your thoughts about our environment to a book? Now is your chance to be active in social issues, as the first book to be developed from the contributions of MySpace users is open and waiting. A report about the project states:

The book will feature ideas from MySpace users, who through Nov. 7 can post environmental tips on Bowen says about 40 such suggestions, their length ranging from a sentence to a paragraph, will be woven throughout the text. MySpace contributors who end up in the book will not be paid, but will be credited by their usernames and geographic locations.

“The main idea we want to get across is that teenagers are not only contributing to this book, but are being provided a blueprint on how to help the environment,” Bowen told The Associated Press.

I’m not sure a paragraph or a line is enough to provide a blueprint or demonstrate activism, but any opportunity to have ideas more widely distributed is worth it.  Writing ideas on a blog is great but for many kids, their ideas are lost in the “long tail” and their voices are not heard.  This book at least offers the space for some to be heard.

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