CSI: NY in SL – default avatar selections


Wow, I am really loving the default avatar selections at the direct to CSI in Second Life log-in screen. They reflect ethnic diversity, some very well done skins, and a nice range of fashion choices. None of them are overtly exaggerated in sexuality, but also reflect a range of different ways of doing “female”. I guess these are targetting whoever the CSI demographic is deemed to be. I am surprised so many of the people I bumped into complained about their clothes! They should have seen Ruth, the single default for over 2 years, before any choices were possible.  I’d love to get hold of any statistics of which avatars were most popular and how many of each were selected over the past 24 hours. I went in as a newbie to test things out and to experiment with the onrez viewer Alja mentioned in the comments on my previous post. It’s a nice, slick viewer though some things are annoyingly relabelled or difficult to locate. But the in world web access is fantastic. I also managed to find the special CSI fashion centre thanks to Alja, who directed me to where to find the tp link. It had some very nice freebies, and shops from some well known designers. I think that the link to the fashion centre should have been a big button on its own in the special CSI HUD given the talk and questions about it I experienced earlier. Anyway the other point I wanted to make about the avatar selection is that regardless of the fact that I prefer this set, I am wondering why there is no goth girl, furry girl, cybergoth, and so on to reflect different subcultures already inside SL. Has anybody written about the decision to create this set of selections? I’m really interested!

One thought on “CSI: NY in SL – default avatar selections

  1. Aren’t the avs designed to represent characters on the show, or at least young cool New Yorkers that viewers would like to identify with? Either way, they look pretty bland to me.

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