CSI: NY in SL – first impressions


I spent some time this afternoon checking out the CSI: NY sims in SL, which just opened officially after months of build-up and excitement and controversy and speculation. The show has not aired yet in Australia of course but I didn’t want to wait and miss out on the initial excitement. I found a lot of people wandering about not really sure what to do, even though there were two official greeters at the spot I landed helping out as people first entered. I spoke to several people but I was caught between wanting to be helpful and not having much time, preferring to explore the space and how the crimes were supposed to be solved. The people I did speak to were more concerned about their avatars and the ugly clothes they had been given than getting into the crime puzzling detective role. I think this says a lot really about the significance of identity and the avatar, and wanting to fashion a unique sense of self. Clearly people were entering out of curiosity and not solely as a fan of the show or with the desire to be CSI Investigators.


Having said that, I found the space fun and easy to manage with the HUD toolbar – I imagine the first few crimes are designed to be very simple so people can familiarise themselves with the world. I hope there are some more challenging crimes to solve though as time moves on. There were links to websites for help and additional info – actually I found it irritating to flick back and forth from SL to the web – maybe its a sign of my age! SL takes up so much processing power I don’t like to multitask too much when I am using it because it slows things down or makes me crash out. It was already a bit slow – clicking on objects to collect clues and files is fun but they seemed to take a long time to actually be transferred from the scene to my screen.


So…. so far I am piecing together clues and thinking its all quite fun and wishing I had a) had the chance to see the episode of CSI, and b) had some more time to play right now (its crazy busy right now for me). Meanwhile I wonder if there is a replication of the main four sims in teen second life so the kids can play with it. I bet they’d enjoy it.

One thought on “CSI: NY in SL – first impressions

  1. Interesting review Angela. Just a note about the web-based help: try using the OnRez viewer (http://viewer.onrez.com/). It has a browser built-in and it works wonderfully with the web-based help files 😉 It’s certainly much easier to navigate hyperlinked web help files than SL notecards.

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