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CSI: NY in SL - more teasers

October 21, 2007 · 3 Comments

Actually I saw this teaser before the other one I blogged a couple of days ago, but here is a really interesting interview with the producer, Anthony E Zuiker.

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  • Kabalyero // October 22, 2007 at 11:38 pm

    I watch CSI:NY through AXN. I don’t when will they have the latest season though… :(

  • funkyregal // October 23, 2007 at 7:34 am

    OMG…..please tell me that I haven’t missed this episode…. When exactly is it supposed to be aired…I’m in Dublin by the way….so it’ll probably get to us in about two years…lol

    Anyway, can’t wait to see it

  • Digital Dreamer // October 23, 2007 at 10:44 am

    Welll… it’s been a while since I commented here. Too long. However having read most of the Virtual World’s conference blogs, this posting and listening to the Metaversed Podcast ( I’m convinced there is a true convergence of traditional media headed for Second Life and Virtual Reality in general.

    Having been through similar technology and media convergence events in the past I’ll share my opinion here.

    The pattern is the same from what I’ve seen previously. Forward thinking content creators, educators and techno geeks gather together looking to explore new avenues of rich media interactivity, creativity and business opportunity gravitate towards the latest technology as it is not popular enough and untested to be embraced by “traditional” or “Pop Culture” media. There is a period of growth, publicity, discovery, and excitement followed by a mad rush of for the entry point into the new technology. In this case the front door is the Second Life platform.

    Case in Point:

    Wave One: Interactive Multimedia (Mostly on CD-ROM) was “The Next Big Thing”. Everywhere you turned, back then the equivalent of the Internet today… prophets, pundits, and talking heads proclaimed the next big thing was interactive multimedia. Small developers you have never heard of… (Anyone remember the guys from “Pop Rocket”?) produced cutting edge interactive entertainment. These small developers frustrated with traditional media’s “old school” thinking were seen as trailblazers leading the way for the rest of us. Very similar to the residents of Second Life who beta tested the technology and then grew to be either Virtual Celebs or SL business owners.

    Then suddenly if you did not have an interactive multimedia title in development or shipping you were not a player in this “multi-billion dollar” embryonic industry. Hollywood media corporations, computer/consumer electronics manufacturers, and Interactive divisions of media conglomerates swarmed in with big wallets and brand names like Prince, Bob Dylan, top TV shows and movies. Only a few saw beyond the hype to the “Next Big Thing”, the internet. Within a year the consumer CD-ROM market was dead, gone bust on the hype a victim of the true networked global community and interactivity the NET offered.

    Wave Two: Let’s go surfing now, everyone’s learning how. The Internet is here. Repeat Wave one. Everyone knows what happened here. This time Venture capital flooded the developers pockets as the rush to capitalize on the commercialization of the Internet took place. Companies sprang up like flowers on a spring morning all dedicated to creating one web site or internet technology that was going to be “The Next Big Thing”. If you want to see a great film on this rent, beg or buy this movie…( ) … Although it’s specific to one company this same story was being repeated in all types of media companies built on hype and not reality. And even Disney the late bloomer got into the act. Remember the search engine that Disney bought for billions? Anybody? At the end of the day a Darwinian battle ended with the survivors clearly defined. For every survivor thousands of casualties.

    Wave Three: This is starting to sound familiar now. Now the mad rush starts towards social networking, Web 2.0 and 3.0 and the new 3D Web and the hype machine continues running at top speed. For an interesting take on the economics of recent events one need look no further then… ( ).

    I guess the old saying that those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it is only too true. I expect to see ALL the media conglomerates, ad agencies, TV networks, and movie studios announce they have Facebook Apps, myspace pages, twitter, Google mashups, blogs, youtube videos, 100 private Island networks in Second Life all with custom clients that interface with everything from my iPhone, TV set, and ultimately directly plugged directly into my cerebral cortex ala the Matrix where they blast advertising until I’m a quivering mass of jelly. (I’m not sure…I’ll have to ask Angela but I think this is what is called a run on sentence!)

    Laughs, I know this sounds cynical but on the bright side I actually think that Social Networking and next generation VR platforms like an improved Second Life actually will all be even better and far different in implementation then all the media hype combined.

    I applaud all the pioneers whether they be TV shows like CSI funded by media conglomerates or some future early Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack type zealots working from their home office who think their vision is “insanely great” and deserves to see the light of day. Props for trying to all of them.

    I just caution everyone, that there are three ways to be a casualty of “The Next Big Thing”. One is in the mad rush to get in the door. The second is the mad rush for the exit when large companies realize it’s not as easy as it looks from the outside and the payback is far less then the cost… (This also depends on the implementation/vision and ROI goal of the company to be fair… ;)

    The third way is being in the path of everyone who is rushing in or out of either door. Grins. I’m going back to my virtual land now to sip a virtual rum drink with an little umbrella in it while I watch the virtual sunset while streaming some relaxing music made by real people. Just don’t trample over my feet no matter which door your running for!

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