CSI in Second Life: YOU can help solve the crime

Back in August there was a lot of buzz about how CSI are incorporating Second Life into one of their episodes.  Virtual Worlds News announced:

In the fifth episode of the upcoming season, TV Guide reports that a murderer will escape into Second Life and not return until spring. Users can help solve the murder in the meantime.

“The campaign will be something like, ‘Your first life begins at 10 o’clock. But your Second Life begins this weekend.’ You’ll be able to go and download and get in the site and play in the [‘CSI’] lab.”

The Sheep are working to build a virtual lab where users can recreate the experiments and tests from the show. There will also be contests through a Zuiker Blog, allowing users to view a dead body and formulate an opinion on what happened. Zuiker will then rank the responses

Now the teaser has been leaked to youtube and over the past few days its been the focus of many twitterings and blog postings. Christy wrote a really thoughtful critique on this already. It’s going to be interesting to see whether Second Life can cope with a million CSI fans pouring in when the episode airs. Meanwhile, this all comes in perfect time for my lecture about drama and roleplaying in and around digital spaces for varying purposes that I’ve been working on over the past month. (yes, some lectures take me weeks to write!! Is that normal?) And I can’t wait til we see it here.

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