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Sex, Hiccups, and the Spoiler’s Imaginations

October 8, 2007 · No Comments

Spoilers ahead :)

Latest update from Just Jared (via the NY Post): the pregnancy and the wedding were dream sequences, and Evan Handler’s hiccup problem wasn’t as bad as everybody reported *laughs*

Meanwhile, a source close to the “Sex and the City” movie which Handler is making in New York says the photos published around the world of Carrie in her wedding gown and of a very pregnant Charlotte are from “dream sequences” in the picture.

“They’re playing mind tricks with the fans. The pictures have been staged to make people think they’re following a predictable plot, but these are really only dreams,” said the source. “Everyone’s wondering how Charlotte could finally get pregnant after all that time. They’re loving that everyone’s imaginations are running wild.”

I think its wonderful that Evan is getting so much attention, advice, and homespun remedies sent to him for help with his hiccups. Here’s an example from the NYPost:

 Simply touch the uvula at the back of the throat (uvula is the fingerlike projection from the roof of the mouth) with the handle of a toothbrush or other long object. It will create a gag and the gag reflex will stop the hiccup.

That’s fabulous!

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