Sex and the City Movie: filming, spoilers, and the extratextual conversations

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been logging in every day to my favourite gossip blogs to catch up on what’s happening with the filming of the movie Sex and the City. I’ll put the rest of this post under the fold, but beware, all the major spoilers buzzing around the blogosphere are there!

The movie isn’t released until May 2008, but already the gossip blogs have been buzzing and shots from the filming have been widely circulated about: Jennifer Hudson’s role, the in-fighting and alleged slights between Kim Catrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, the pregnancy of Charlotte, the possible wedding of Carrie and Big, and even Evan Handler’s hiccup problems.  As one anonymous commenter said:

By the time the SATC movie is released, all the entertainment tabloids will have revealed every plot point in it (with matching photographs) and wreck the entire experience for everyone involved. Isn’t that thoughtful?

But Chris Noth is reported to have “pooh-poohed” the assumption that the scene with Carrie in a wedding dress actually means she gets married.

Nevertheless, the pictures are sparking full news stories outlining the “juicy plots” supposedly from onlookers in New York City. The reports say the same thing everywhere:

Carrie will marry Big in the new movie.

The actress – who reprises her role as the feisty sex columnist in the big screen adaptation of the hit series – shot the wedding scenes at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral today.

During the wedding ceremony, Carrie will be supported by her three closest friends, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda – played by Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon respectively – who will all be wearing jewellery borrowed from H. Stern.

Last month, it was revealed Kristin’s character Charlotte would be pregnant in the new movie.

The actress was seen wearing a large prosthetic baby bump on the New York film set as she filmed dramatic scenes with Mr. Big.

Onlookers watched as Charlotte – who struggled to conceive a baby during the hit series – stormed out of Italian restaurant Lumi on Lexington Avenue, apparently heavily pregnant.

Charlotte then appeared to go into labour before being rushed to hospital in Big’s chauffeured limousine.

I’d like to believe the same as this fan:

If this is being revealed so cavalierly, then there must be some sort of surprise twist in the movie–maybe a “Grey’s Anatomy” style alter shocker? Carrie looks contemplative, does she run out on him?

Let’s hope there’s no trite saccahrine sweet ending after all the ground-breaking this series did – even Marlo Thomas (who, incidentally, was quoted by Carrie in one of her columns – yes, I am such a fan I know all her columns!) didn’t get married in my absolute favourite classic 1960s series That Girl. As another commenter remarked, it would be a backwards step for the narrative if everybody lived happily ever after:

I’m guessing that Carrie marries Big, but I’m hoping they don’t do the sit-com version of a comic childbirth for Charlotte. If everybody ends up getting married, it will be the same ending as the movie, “How To Marry A Millionaire.”

 Anyway, as both a fan and an academic interested in the “extratextual” (my new favourite term!) I’ll be checking in regularly with the news and speculation arising from the SATC filming.

5 thoughts on “Sex and the City Movie: filming, spoilers, and the extratextual conversations

  1. Personally,as a fan of Sex and the City and a possessor of all the episodes. I dont think that Big and Carrie get married,it would be great,but their relationship hasn’t always been as straightforward. Yes,they are made for each other and it took for her to move halfway accross the world,for him to realise that he loved her. If you look at the official spoiler on youtube,it doesnt look like she’s getting married in that dress…it looks more like a photoshoot for a book or something.I doubt very much they get married,and if they do,it will be great either way.

  2. It’s also been revealed that one of the characters dies. And I can almost guarantee that it will be Mr. Big. Why? Because in the trailer, Carrie is in her wedding gown when she takes a call and then suddenly drops the phone. If Carrie and Big got married it would ruin everything. Nobody cares about married sex and the city. Somebody with some depth has to stay single and we know that Samantha is just too predictable to hold us captive. Especially for a sequel.

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