Go Virtual Presentation

Here are my slides – I wasn’t going to put them up because they’re a weaving together of a few other talks which are already on slideshare! Also they are designed to be viewed as double page spreads in the in-world book format. There is a paper based on the “play” section of the paper coming out next month, and I’ve been writing a new paper about the avatar which I’ll be presenting in December, but the latter slides are related to that. So stay tuned if you’re interested! :)

3 thoughts on “Go Virtual Presentation

  1. Good times!!! I wish I would of been able to be at the presentation… sorry to interrupt before.

  2. This is great to have access too…thanks for putting the stuff up on slideshare! Was great to talk with you in Jokaydia with Slammed as well. So much exciting stuff happening.

  3. Timely finding this here so thanks! I had jus been looking at the influence of cellphones on writing (maho i-land) so was also looking at manga influence and fanfiction.

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