Go Virtual!

Thanks to the wonderful Jokay, I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the NSW Learnscope “Go Virtual” conference today. There were about 20 participants actually in Wollongong, where the conference was held physically, and another 30 or so participants attending from inside Second Life. Apart from a few technical issues (and these seem to be surprisingly minimal really – just tricky getting voice working and in synch with no delay or feedback) it went very well.

My talk was titled Play and Identity in Digital Spaces, and I combined the material from about three of my previous talks and four or five different papers. I want to especially thank Jazzydee and Achariya for dropping in and contributing stories about their avatars!

Later in the day, I was also involved in a panel discussion about leverages the affordances of Second Life for education. Panelists included:

  • Jo Kay, Freelance Design, Facilitation and Virtual Worlds Consultant
  • Sean FitzGerald, Independent Researcher, Consultant, Trainer and Presenter
  • Angela Thomas, University of Sydney
  • Alan Levine, Vice President, NMC Community and CTO, NMC: The New Media Consortium
  • Nick Noakes, Director, Center for Enhanced Learning & Teaching, Hong Kong

Here’s a nice shot of CDB and I after the panel discussion. CDB is coming to Australia next month!!! He’ll be doing a lecture tour and meeting up with people interested in using Second Life for education, so if anybody wants to meet up with him (and me!) in Sydney let me know :)

(Thanks to Jokay and Alan for images)

PS: I’ve been writing a paper the last couple of weeks, and preparing this conference talk, and doing a hundred other tasks, including some extra and unexpected teaching, so the blog has suffered!

6 thoughts on “Go Virtual!

  1. yes I do on slideshare and on the presentations here. but i am waiting to see what jokay blogs has she mentioned the possibility of a short machinima made from the sessions. so i’ll post more later when i find out how it went. :)

  2. The Go Vitural conference sounds fascinating. I’m just beginning to explore Second Life (I know…I’m late!) and it’s an incredible experience.

    Any chance you’ll be uploading your talk or bits from it?

  3. Thanks soooo much for your presentation Anya – it was brilliant, and very well received! ;) You definitely left us all with lots to think about.. both in terms of play and its importance in education, and in terms of exploring identity through the avatar.

    We captured some nice images – but machinima experiments were ‘interesting’….LOL! We did capture a little footage – but yet to see if it’s worth editing…I’ll keep you posted. Would love to post a link to your slides on the various blogs – mine and LearnScope’s!

    Oh.. and a special thanks to JazzyDee and Achariya from me too! It was great for participants to get a chance to meet a number of SL residents inworld!

  4. Hi, what a great writeup! I really enjoyed watching/listening to your presentation. The whole thing was pretty inspiring. By the way, I would love to meet up with you and CogDog in Sydney – I can hardly believe that we aren’t having him come to speak to us in school education! Meanwhile, lets keep innovation ticking over. Once again – thanks to you and all the other beaut SL innovators.

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